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The "modern" wooden 'Pinisi' type has been derived from similar craft that have been in use in and around Indonesia for several centuries. According to some sources, similar types have existed prior to the 1500's, such as the Arabian Dhow. Used both as transport and as cargo vessels, the craft we are calling 'Pinisi' (variously spelled Pinissi, Pinisiq, or Phinisi) have traditionally been built on the beach, where the logs have come from the forests of Sulawesi (Celebes) and Kalimantan (Borneo), then transported to the boat building sites.

​Technically, the term 'Pinisi' refers to the type of sailing rig itself, the correct term for the sharp-stern sailing craft is 'palari' or 'lamba' among the Konjo boat builders of South Sulawesi.

​Until the mid to late 1970's, the large fleet of cargo carrying Pinisi throughout Indonesia were strictly sailing vessels. Since around 1978, there has been a push to motorize the fleet of sailing Pinisi. The presence of an engine has changed these craft rather dramatically.  Currently, the vast majority of the local cargo fleet have been given engines. As a result, they are now referred to as 'KLM' for Kapal Layar Mesin, literally translated as "Boat-Sail-Machine" or "Motor Driven Sailing Vessel" more simply called a "Motor Sailor."

A DREAM COME TRUE for us, to share with you

Ever dreamt of running away to sea on a old fashioned boat and cruising the crystal clear waters of paradise?

I have and now I am lucky enough to be able to do just that.

Well now you can join us for safe, relaxed, friendly and unforgettable experience aboard our Indonesian Phinisi KM VIEHMONT.

SEA Dream Horizon Bali Boat Charter and cruises are a private, owner operator providing motor yacht charter, boating trips and cruising how we always dreamed it could be. A British expat and local crew on a registered and fully safety certificated and maintained Indonesian Phinisi.

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Sea Dream Horizon Boat Charter And Cruises

Sea Dream Horizon Bali Boat Charter And Cruises

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As keen travellers ourselves and having worked for many years throughout the region, we have a lust for local life and a bagful of experience that perhaps can work for you.

Let us help with your travel plans in general, to ease some of your decision making, fine tune your ideas for places to visit and stay and hopefully steer you clear of some of the pitfalls synonymous with Asian travel.

We will be glad to help so drop us a line whilst deciding on a boat charter and see what else we can do for you to make your trip safe, smooth and incredible.