​​​S.E.A. dream horizon




Full Private motor yacht Charter with fully qualified crew, Archipelago wide voyaging and very respectable running costs.

"Mi casa es su casa" for the duration of your charter. Call or mail to discuss itineraries and timescales, all of which are flexible and tweaked to suit your every request with advice and recommendations along the way.

SEA Dream Horizon Bali boat charter and cruises are offering trips in the east of Bali, all the way to the Roti Isle’s and North East as far as North Maluku and North Irian Jaya for the adventurous. 

Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Komodo, Rinca are all focal point for us as this area has much to offer including copious amounts of world class surf spots yet to be named as well as the calm central waters offering many scenic anchorages and private beaches to explore.

Activities include snorkelling, surfing,  fishing, kayaking, trekking, free-diving** and diving**. Our tender is available as your little run-around for access to beach, bar, restaurant, nature or drop sites.

We can range from 1 to 14 day cruises, there after we need 48 hours to replenish vessel consumables. One way cruises out to a destination with return flights can also be arranged.

Coffee & tea, water and snacks all included. Fishing gear & snorkelling equipment available. Beer & wine stocked at local prices.

** diving or dive charters can be arranged with a subsidy for equipment and supply of a guide as required, for experienced advanced divers. We are not (yet) operating as an affiliated dive school.

1 day / 1 night, max 8 persons per night. From US$ N/A with 3 meals per day.

Catering and /or experience/ equipment requirements plus passenger discounts are negotiable.​​

Dream Horizons at your beck and call, where would you like to go?